Undue Hardship Standard and Student Loans in Bankruptcy

I recently ran across an interesting article online at http://www.fastweb.com/financial-aid/articles/2259-congress-proposes-allowing-private-student-loans-to-be-discharged-in-bankruptcy. The author presents some pretty startling statistics about the number of cases where student loans are actually discharged. The article writes that of approximately 72,000.00 student loan borrowers who filed for bankruptcy protection only .4 sought a discharge of their student loans, and of those only 29 of the 72,000 actually received a discharge of their student loans. The reason for this is the difficulty in getting those loans discharged in bankruptcy. As I blogged about in a previous post the obstacles to getting a discharge of student loans can be overwhelming. It seems that the best chance for some student loan relief is congress passing a measure allowing for the discharge of student loans in bankruptcy.