Top Ten Things to Avoid Before Filing For Bankruptcy

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy this list has a few of the worst things you can do before filing:

1. Transfer property to friends or relatives;
2. Pay back friends or relatives for loans before filing for bankruptcy;
3. Deplete your retirement accounts to pay back creditors or pay bills;
4. Transfer money from retirement accounts to non exempt accounts;
5. Use credit cards for purchases, cash advances or balance transfers;
6. Take out new credit before filing for bankruptcy;
7. Attempt to hide or transfer assets to protect them from the bankruptcy Trustee;
8. Not getting good advice when thinking about filing for bankruptcy;
9. Talking to a debt consolidation company, before consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer;
10. Waiting to consult an attorney until you are being sued or garnished due to your debt problems.

This list does not cover every potential pre bankruptcy problem, to get more specific information you would need to contact an attorney if you are having debt problems.