What To Look For When Hiring Your Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are looking to hire a Minnesota lawyer you will want to ask how much experience that attorney has with your type of case. You also want to make sure that you and the attorney will be a good fit when it comes to working together to resolve your legal issues. Finally you should base you decision on who to hire on a number of factors, not just focusing on price. Most of the time when I buy the cheapest product, it is not the best. This is especially true in bankruptcy, where the cheapest bankruptcy service could cost you thousands of dollars in missed exemptions.

Minnesota Judgements and Bankruptcy

If you have a lot of judgements from state court in Minnesota bankruptcy may be able to help you get rid of those judgements. It may also help you get rid of the garnishments that go with the judgements. In many cases you may not even realize that you have a judgement, the first time you will know that a creditor has obtained a judgement against you in when they start to garnish your wages or bank account. Once this garnishment starts they can take 25% of your wages, unless you meet one of the exemptions provided by Minnesota statute. If you are being garnished you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy not only helps you get rid of the judgements, but it may also help you to recover some of the garnished funds taken in the 90 days before your bankruptcy filing.

Minnesota Debt Consolidation

If you are thinking about debt consolidation in Minnesota you should also talk to a bankruptcy Lawyer. In many cases the bankruptcy is the better option than attempting to settle your debts with a debt consolidator. I recently spoke with a client who was making payments of $900.00 per month to a debt consolidator. Of that fee only $450.00 per month was actually used to pay down his debt, the rest went to fees for the debt consolidator. This means that every year this client was paying around $5500.00 just for the debt consolidator to sit on the money and not settle the debt. This client contacted our office afer they had been sued three times and had a lot of judgements taken against them. This client was also being garnished by the time they contacted our office. This client has since filed for bankruptcy protection and that stopped the garnishments, got rid of the judgements and wiped out his unsecured debt. This all happened and it was much less expensive than the client was paying to settle his debt with the debt consolidator. If you are in Minnesota and feel like debt consolidation is now working for you give our office a call at 952.294.0144. We may be able to help you get rid of your debt, not make the problem worse by getting you sued and garnished.

Tax Liens and Bankruptcy in Minnesota

If you have a lot of tax debt and cannot find a way out bankruptcy may be able to help. If you have tax debt it is important to talk to a bankruptcy attorney who is experienced in dealing with tax debt, otherwise you could end up filing the wrong type of bankruptcy, or owe tax debt that could be dischargeable. One of the most common problems when filing for bankruptcy, is that clients often do not realize that they have tax liens on their property. If you have a tax lien and you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, that is not discharged by the chapter 7 bankruptcy. If the IRS files a tax lien in Minnesota they will have a lien on all of your personal property. This lien survives the bankruptcy, meaning you will need to do an offer in compromise with the IRS after the bankruptcy filing, to settle the remaining tax debt. For more information on taxes in a Minnesota bankruptcy give our office a call at 952-294-0144.

How Can I Stop Creditor Harassment in Minnesota

If you are being called by creditors constantly and are getting unwanted mail everyday from collectors, then you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy protection. Once you file for bankruptcy it stops all of the creditors phone calls and harassment. One of the most important protections when you file for bankruptcy is called the automatic stay. It basically prohibits calls and harassment from creditors during the course of the bankruptcy, in order for a creditor to contact you they have to get a lift stay motion approved by the court. This is only done when the creditor has a secured interest in your property. If you get letters or calls regarding discharged debt, all you have to do is send the creditor your discharge notice and they should stop calling.
You do have a few other options other than bankruptcy regarding creditor harassment, the first is work out a payment plan with your creditors. This should stop the calls and letters. The second option is suing the debt collectors for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or (FDCPA). If you think the harassment is extreme you may be able to find a Minnesota lawyer who can help you sue the debt collectors, you will need to speak with an attorney who handles this type of case, in order to know if your case has merit. In most cases if your are getting called and harassed by creditors, you have to evaluate all of your options to determine the best course of action.