Minnesota Judgement Removal Process After Bankruptcy.

If you have filed bankruptcy in Minnesota, it is likely that your creditors had obtained a judgement against you for some of the unpaid debt. This judgement allows your creditors to garnish wages, bank accounts, and take other more drastic collection efforts. If you file for bankruptcy protection and are granted a bankruptcy discharge, you can remove these judgement liens from your credit score and from the county records. This process is not included as part of the bankruptcy filing and it does not happen automatically after your bankruptcy discharged. If you think you may have issues with these judgements and need them removed, our office is able to help remove those liens. Or if you prefer you should be able to remove the judgement lien yourself with a bit of paperwork. The important thing to remember is that filing a bankruptcy does not automatically remove judgement liens from your credit score or with the County where the judgement was filed, you will have to take a few steps after the bankruptcy to complete the judgement removal process.