Minnesota Debt Consolidation

If you are thinking about debt consolidation in Minnesota you should also talk to a bankruptcy Lawyer. In many cases the bankruptcy is the better option than attempting to settle your debts with a debt consolidator. I recently spoke with a client who was making payments of $900.00 per month to a debt consolidator. Of that fee only $450.00 per month was actually used to pay down his debt, the rest went to fees for the debt consolidator. This means that every year this client was paying around $5500.00 just for the debt consolidator to sit on the money and not settle the debt. This client contacted our office afer they had been sued three times and had a lot of judgements taken against them. This client was also being garnished by the time they contacted our office. This client has since filed for bankruptcy protection and that stopped the garnishments, got rid of the judgements and wiped out his unsecured debt. This all happened and it was much less expensive than the client was paying to settle his debt with the debt consolidator. If you are in Minnesota and feel like debt consolidation is now working for you give our office a call at 952.294.0144. We may be able to help you get rid of your debt, not make the problem worse by getting you sued and garnished.