Jail For Not Paying Debts In Minnesota.

The general answer to this that you cannot go to jail for not paying debts in the State of Minnesota, debtors prisons are not allowed in America. The issue is that a part of the legal process in Minnesota allows creditors to get bench warrants issued if a debtor fails to appear for collection related hearings after not answering the financial disclosure form sent by the creditor. If a bench warrant is issued and you get pulled over for a routine traffic stop, you could be spending the night in lock up.
In most cases you can get out of jail by completing the form that was neglected that lead to the bench warrant in the first place. The other option is pay the bill that caused the bench warrant. In either case you are best off attending court or filling out the creditors forms if they are sent to you, if you fail to do this you could end up in jail. The problem with this procedure is that in some cases debtors have not received any of this information if the mail was not delivered. It also creates a situation where taxpayers will pay for jail for people who have failed to pay medical or credit card debts. If you want to avoid having a bench warrant issued for your arrest, you must fill out the financial disclosure form, or attend the court hearing if you do not fill out the disclosure.