I Have Just Been Sued In Minnesota, What Should I Do Now.

If you have just been served with a summons and complaint in the State of Minnesota you need to take a few steps to protect your rights.  The first thing you need to know is that Minnesota allows pocket pleading of the lawsuit.  This means that the document you are served with may not have an actual court number on it, this does not mean the document is not real, it just means that the attorney does not need to file the paperwork with the court until they receive a response from you, or ask the court for a default judgement.  If you have received this paperwork you need to write a response to the attorney, if you do not respond in 20 days the attorney will take a default judgement against you.
In most cases if you respond to the complaint you will not do it correctly and the judge may throw out your answer, the best you can hope for if you answer the complaint is that it delays the judgement.  This is fine as long as you are going to file for bankruptcy protection and just need a bit more time, if you actually want to fight the lawsuit, you will need to retain an attorney to handle the lawsuit properly.  If you ignore the documents from the court the creditor will obtain a judgement against you.  This allows them to garnish your wages and bank accounts in the State of Minnesota.  I get quite a few calls from people after they have been garnished and you do not have many options other than bankruptcy to stop the garnishment.  The only other way to stop the garnishment is if you have received or are receiving government assistance, if this is the case you need to fill out the exemption form and return it to the attorney.  If you are being sued give our office a call at 952-294-0144 to discuss your options.