Does Bankruptcy Get Rid Of Home Loans.

The answer to this depends. If you file for bankruptcy protection in Minnesota and receive your bankruptcy discharge you will no longer be personally liable for any secured loans including home loans, car loans, boat loans, etc. The bankruptcy discharge gets rid of your personal obligation to pay on the loan. If you decide to stop making payments on the secured loan the lender cannot pursue you on the loan (provided you did not reaffirm the debt).
The lenders can still take the property back because that liability does not go away with a basic bankruptcy filing, so the lender can still foreclose on your home if you stop making payments after the bankruptcy. Lenders can also take back cars, boats, motorcycles, etc if you stop making the payments since those loans were secured by that vehicle as collateral. If lenders could not repossess property after bankruptcy they would be much less likely to lend, given the large liability if their customer files for bankruptcy protection. In some instances it is possible to strip off junior liens on homes, but that is not a given in every case, so you need to contact an attorney to determine if this is possible is your case.