Creditors Rights In Minnesota Bankruptcy

If you are a creditor of a person who has filed for bankruptcy in Minnesota Bankruptcy Court you have options to prevent that debt from being discharged. The most common option is to file a bankruptcy adversary proceeding to prevent that debt from being discharged. You also have the option of showing up at the Debtors 341 meeting. In most cases this option will not help much, since most bankruptcy trustees do not give much time to ask questions during this meeting, since they typically have five cases per half hour.
If after the 341 meeting you still have more questions for the debtor you will be able to schedule a deposition to ask more questions regarding the debtors schedules or financial information. After this deposition is typically when you would consider filing an adversary proceeding to make sure you have all the information needed to draft a strong complaint regarding your unpaid debt. The keep debts from being discharged you need to show recent credit card usage or fraud in applying for credit.