Consumer Complaints In Minnesota

If you are a consumer you have to be vigilant regarding your finances. This is true in most areas including credit cards, bank charges, defective goods or services. In most cases big companies rely on consumers not being aware of their rights or not enforcing their rights in order to give individuals poor service.
One of the most common area for hidden fees and expenses are from the financial industry including banks and credit card companies. If you do not look closely at your bank statements or credit card bills these companies could charge you a wide variety of fees including late fees, over the limit fees, minimum balance fees, crazy interest rates, bounced check fees (even if someone bounces a check to you) and some banks are charging fees to use a debit card.
In my case it is easier to enforce my rights as a consumer because I am a lawyer and am able to sue on my own behalf to get companies to honor their warranties or to get banks to reverse crazy charges, but for most people you cannot hire an attorney, since the attorney may charge more than the dispute. This is exactly what a lot of companies realize and is why they are able to offer bare minimum service. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney a good remedy is using social media to see if you can get companies to rectify your complaints. In most instances companies monitor these sites closely and will attempt to make you happy to avoid negative reviews of the social media sites. If that does not work you could always sue the company in small claims court.