Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Minneapolis

If you are thinking about filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, your 341 meeting will most likely be held in downtown Minneapolis in the Plymouth Building. When you attend this meeting it is important to bring the following documents with you to make sure your case can be heard by the bankruptcy trustee: 1. most recent pay stub; 2. bank statements from the date of your bankruptcy filing; 3. Social Security card or W-2 from employment; 4. picture identification. If you bring these items to the meeting and show up a few minutes early to consult with your attorney the meeting should go well.
If the meeting goes as planned it should take around 10 minutes and the bankruptcy trustee will ask you questions regarding your budget and proposed payment plan. Once the 341 meeting has concluded your case should get confirmed in the next couple of months provided everything was working out with your plan. Once the payments start you must keep the monthly payments current or the trustee can kick you out of the payment plan.