Bankruptcy Questions

My best advice is if you have questions during your bankruptcy filing to give your attorney a call. In most cases your questions can be answered with a minute or two on the phone, so why sit and worry when you can get an answer. The reason you hired an attorney is so you do not have to worry about paperwork received from the court. If you received a lift stay motion, notice to file proofs of claim, discharge notice, or numerous other documents from the court and you do not understand what they mean, give a call or email. I have seen most of these documents hundreds of times and in most cases they are nothing to worry about, but as a client you have not seen these motions hundreds of times and you may need some assurance that you do not need to do anything. In most bankruptcy cases if you do not hear from your attorney it is a good thing, it means everything is going smoothly. Just remember that your attorney can not read your mind, and does not know of issues unless you address them.