Bankruptcy Help For Individuals

We see clients everyday who need our help to eliminate debt. Our job is to evaluate their financial circumstance and find the best solution to their problem. In some cases the best solution is to file for bankruptcy. In other cases the best solution is to talk to your creditors and work out a settlement of your debt. I do not know what your best solution is until we talk about your finances. I recently saw a client who owed around $50,000.00 and was thinking about using retirement funds to pay for the debt. Of course this was the only savings that this person had in their life. After we talked the client decided to file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy allowed this client to keep their home, car, retirement savings, and job. The creditors who were attempting to garnish wages were stopped by filing the bankruptcy, and the client was out of debt, and out of the stress that financial problems create. I have a lot of stories from clients we have helped by getting rid of the stress associated with debt.