Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings in Minnesota

If you filed for bankruptcy and the creditor does not agree with you getting rid of their debt, they have the option to file an adversary proceeding with the bankruptcy court. This basically starts a lawsuit in bankruptcy court to determine whether the debt is discharged, or stays with the debtor forever until paid off. The most common grounds for this type of proceeding are fraud. The creditor must show that but for the debtors fraudulent activity they would not have entered into an agreement with the debtor. This is a difficult standard to meet in bankruptcy court, since if the creditor wins the adversary proceeding the debt must be paid back and the creditor can get a judgement in state court.
If a creditor has filed an adversary proceeding against you in Minnesota give our office a call. We may be able to help you settle with the creditor or help you with the adversary proceeding in court. It is important to have representation in this type of proceeding since the creditor will probably be represented by an attorney.